Welcome to New Invention Junior School  

School is an exciting time for your children, parents and staff!
At New Invention Junior School I believe that we teach your child today for their tomorrow. Including skills that they can use now and for the rest of their lives but also keeping in touch with traditional values, such as respect for others. We have a determined focus on developing thinking skills and teaching your child to develop into independent, responsible learners.

I have a simple but highly effective approach, for pupils and staff: be here and when you are here do a good job, high attendance, punctuality and positive attitude is rewarded. This provides a powerful and happy team and also a happy and powerful school.
It is proven that schools do best when parents and school work as a partnership, promoting the same values and sharing your child’s progress and next steps to maximise progress.
We look forward to a happy and successful relationship!
Thank you in advance for your support,
Mr. A. Pearson

Our School 

Important information for all Parents: 

 Walsall Right for Children
 Christmas Holiday Activities Programme

 Please see the following documents for important information about remote learning at New invention

 Free School Meals

We require a Lunchtime Supervisor to join our fantastic team! 

Please see the links below for details of the post and the application form.

 ***The school office opening hours are 8:00am until 4:30pm daily.***

***During the period of national lockdown the opening hours are 8.30am until 3.30pm***

Safeguard Warnings for parents:

*** Please Note: ⚠️ Personal Safety ⚠️

Remind youngsters to observe our personal safety advice:

- Never go off on your own with a stranger, take things from them or get in a car with them.
- Make sure you tell your parents where you are.
- If someone scares you, or makes you feel uncomfortable go somewhere safe, which could be your home, your school or a police station.
- Remember to tell someone what has happened straight away.
- Always dial 999 in an emergency.


Some great tips and advice can be found here: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/staying-safe-away-from-home/

*** Parents and carers, please be aware of cartoons that contain adult themes. At a glance, certain cartoons can appear innocent and similar to children's animations but TV shows such as Rick and Morty contain content which is  not appropriate for children including violence, inappropriate language and sexual content.

Please see Safeguarding tab for further alerts.

***Please note  

If you require a paper copy of the information on this website, then please request from the school office.