Your school SENCO is Mrs Waterhouse.

Our Vision 

All children, whatever their ability, have an entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum tailored to their individual needs. They should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to fully participate in their own individual learning. New Invention Junior School places great importance on striving to meet the needs of ALL children in the school, and fully recognises that some children will require additional help to access the curriculum and fully participate in learning

Our Aims.

 At New Invention Junior School every member of staff is a teacher of special educational needs with the desire to raise aspirations and expectations for all so that all children make the greatest possible progress to reach their full potential. The aims of our special educational need and disability policy and practise in this school are:

  •  To provide a SENCo who will put into practise the SEND inclusion policy and provide support and advice for all staff working with special educational needs pupils, through targeted, continued professional development.
  •  To work within the guidance provided in the SEND Code of Practice, 2014.
  •  Alongside staff members, identify children with Special Educational Needs and additional needs as soon as possible. Our School Aims of this SEND policy 4
  •  To make reasonable adjustments/appropriate provision for those with SEND and reduce barriers to learning by embedding the principles in the National Curriculum Inclusion statement.
  •  To ensure SEND children have full access to the National Curriculum. They should be fully included in the life of the school, alongside pupils who do not have SEND.
  •  To work with and develop positive partnerships with parents/ carers, seeking their views and involving them in all stages of their child’s development/education.
  •  To ensure there is a multi-professional approach by working in partnership with outside agencies (e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, Walsall SEND team, Educational Psychology Service) and Walsall Local Authority.
  •  To support the full inclusion of pupils with medical conditions in all school activities by consulting with health and social care professionals.
  •  To allow children to contribute to their own learning by discussing their learning and being part of the target setting process

SEND documents 

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Walsall Speech and Language Therapy - Email: - Tel: 01922 605400

Walsall Council SEND Team - 01922 652860

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