I LOVE reading!!! Being able to read is such an amazing gift to possess. Reading takes you places and is an escape from the real world. There's a genre and style of book for everyone...what is your favourite style to read?

-Mrs Rowley

Our Reading lessons are progressive and we use a range of texts / extracts / videos for these. Children are taught the Content Domain of the National Curriculum using an acronym of VIPERS. Skills are taught discretely and then applied, both in Reading lessons as well as using reading skills in other subjects across the curriculum. 

We use the Collins Big Cat reading scheme at New Invention Junior School. It offers children the chance to read a range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays across all bands. 

Children are also provided with a 'free reading' book that is appropriate to their ability and one which can be enjoyed. Rich and challenging without being too difficult to read and understand.

Children are also allowed to visit our Non-Fiction library and borrow any books from there too. 

We have a special time of the day at 3:05pm called the DEAR Bell (Drop Everything And Read) where teachers share stories with their class. This is a time where children can relax and just appreciate and love hearing a story. A rich, relevant book that may be linked to the topics being studied at school at that time.

All children have a reading record to record any reading that they do at school and at home. We actively encourage parents to fill this in and hear their children read at home. Ask children questions and talk to them about their reading to check if they have understood what they have read. Please discuss any new words or phrases that children may not have come across before. 

Click the link to the left to take you to the stories we have recently shared with our children. 

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Have a look at the documents below for some ideas to keep Sharing the Love of Reading and how to invest in children reading for pleasure...