Each year group has at least 1 focus country or locality which is linked to the national curriculum objectives, they look in depth at both the physical and human geography of the location as well comparing it to the UK. In addition, each year group has a selection of countries to examine which will develop their locational knowledge of the world.

In year 6, pupils usually have the opportunity to participate in a residential trip to France, in previous years pupils have visited landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the River Seine as well as a day at DisneyLand Paris. 

Year 3                

Focus Country is UK,     

Other countries to locate are France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, China, Australia

Year 4

Focus Country is ITALY

Other countries to locate are Greece, Iceland, Denmark, Cyprus, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, India, Argentina

Year 5 

Focus Locality is NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA

Other countries to locate are Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Ukraine, Poland, Bosnia, Portugal, Sweden, Algeria, Saudi Arabia

Year 6

Focus countries are FRANCE and RUSSIA

Other countries to locate are Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Czech Republic, Iran, North Korea

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