Sunflower Growing Competition Spring 2022

 As part of this year's Science Week about 'growth', each class were given some sunflower seeds to plant. These seeds germinated in the classrooms. When they were big enough and the weather was warmer, we transplanted them outside in to a flower bed. The main aim of this task is to help the bees but we have made it in to a competition to see which class can grow the tallest sunflower and largest sunflower head. The children have really enjoyed looking after their seedlings and watching them germinate and start to grow in class right before their eyes. Now they are outside, the children are still involved with the care of the plants as they all want their class to have the biggest sunflower. 

Recycling Poster Competition April 2022

 During the Easter holidays, children were encouraged to take part in a competition to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and how to recycle. Below is the homework task that was given out and some examples of the fantastic posters completed by the children. These were all sent off to Walsall council to be judged. 

Tree Planting 2021

 During Autumn Term, EVERY Year 6 child planted a tree in a recyclable pot and took it home to nurture and care for. There were a range of tree types planted: Rowan, Birch, Oak and Cherry. The children periodically post updates on Seesaw, to show their teacher how well their trees are growing. The planting of 90 trees will support our aim for a 'greener tomorrow'.  

Climate Heroes 2021

All the children here at New Invention have shown their environmental credentials and have been awarded a 'Green' Blue Peter Badge for being fantastic climate heroes in school and at home. Pupils in all classes were encouraged to make and follow pledges for two weeks: swap screen time for outdoor activities; turn lights off when leaving rooms; plant bee-friendly flowers; switch from plastic food bags to lunch boxes; sort out recycling and use reusable water bottles. Certificates were awarded to every class. Even though the challenge was for a fortnight, we hope that the actions taken to help the environment will continue to take place. 

Also, as part of this challenge, children created posters to inform others how to be a climate hero, took part in activities linked to our carbon footprints and also we collected plastic bottle lids and produced a wonderful piece of artwork which was displayed in our hall.  

Tree Planting 2020

In December 2020 our staff planted 90 new fruit trees on our school field, these will grow into our school orchard. Although the children could not help us on this occasion due to social distancing rules, they will be able to help us care for the trees as they grow. Here are some photos of the staff planting the trees. The trees will grow into a beautiful orchard for us all to enjoy for years to come. 

The children will be completing some work to coincide with National Trees Week, watch this space to see what they have been up to!