Year 5 / 6 Transition 

Please see below for the spelling lists for the Year 5 / 6 transition booklets. You can read these aloud to your child, when they're completing their summer transition booklet. 

Year 5 Spelling list
1. The police rushed to the scene of the accident.
2. We bought a new bicycle for our holiday.
3. There was a huge traffic jam in the town centre.
4. My birthday is in the month of February.
5. The form asked me for my address.
6. The bus will arrive in a few minutes.
7. Henry the eighth was the King of England.
8. I forgot to mention that to the guard.
9. My library book is about desert islands.
10. The tour guide showed us around the museum.
11. The committee decided on the future proposals.
12. My secretary has written a letter to your boss.
13. In December, the temperature usually drops.
14. Many of us entered the upcoming competition.
15. In class, we use a dictionary to check spellings.
16. The soldier fired at the moving vehicle.

Year 6 Spelling list

1. At the boat show, we saw lots of different yachts.
2. The sky lit up with lightning.
3. The amateur drama performance was excellent.
4. Curiosity killed the cat is an old saying.
5. We checked the dictionary for the correct spelling.
6. Every muscle in his body ached.
7. Sarah frequently goes to the leisure centre.
8. The mist covered the cemetery like a blanket.
9. The school secretary went home ill with stomach ache.
10. The police were called immediately.
11. To win the game, you need to occupy the ancient fort.
12. Please respond to my letter at your earliest convenience.
13. French is a foreign language.
14. A variety of vegetables are sold here.