Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

In Year 3 there are three classes: Class 1 taught by Mrs Waterhouse and Miss Holder, Class 2 taught by Mrs Jackson and Class 3 taught by Miss Cook.

We have support from Miss Service, Mrs Dicken, Mrs Vickers, Mrs Allison, Mrs Wright, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Turner.  

Click the link above to see what Year 3 are learning about throughout the year. 

In Year 3 we like to earn House Points and rewards for our good behaviour and hard work. We can do that by following our year group rules:

Year 3 Rules

  1. Always do your best work.
  2. Stay in your seat, if you need help put your hand up.
  3. Play nicely on the playground and be kind to other people.
  4. Do not distract people when they are working.
  5. Don’t talk when other people are talking, put your hand up if you want to speak.
  6. Move sensibly around school.
  7. Keep the classroom and cloakroom tidy.

Homework is given out on a Friday and we try to encourage the children to hand this in by the following Wednesday. We also ask the children to complete their reading reviews and bring in their signed reading records so they can change their books. Children can also use Spellodrome, MyMaths, Times Tables Rockstars and their class seesaw page if they are able to access these things at home. 

Here is what we do in Year 3 that links in with SMSC and British Values!