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Our annual Science Fair at New Invention Junior School was yet another huge success. Every year, the projects planned and carried out by the children, get better and better. The judges included several school governors (some of whom come and judge our projects very year), Mrs Dorricott (Science Coordinator) and this year, the 'Science Lead' at Pool Hayes Secondary School kindly gave up his time to come in and see the hard work carried out by the children. 

Year 5 and 6 pupils take part in Science Fair every year during the Spring Term. Pupils get themselves into groups of no more than three and choose a question that they would like to investigate. Children then need to plan their investigation, identifying the variables to change, measure and keep the same. After they have carried out their investigation, and gathered results, these results must be presented in an appropriate way and finally conclusions and evaluations are written. The final stage, is where groups present their project on a display board, ready for the judging day. 

This year's Science Fair - when the projects were judged - was on Friday 24th March. The judging took all morning, with each upper school class having a half an hour time slot, when the judges would visit.

During the afternoon of the same day, parents and lower school were also invited to visit the Science Fair. 

Bronze, silver and gold medals were awarded for each class. These awards were given out during assembly on Wednesday 29th March. Groups that were placed, were presented with a medal and a certificate. 

2017 Science Fair Winners are below 

Science Fair Award Assembly