Equal Opportunities Policy    (September 2017)

Governors will:
·abide by all existing & any new legislation relating to equal opportunity
·adopt the principles of Walsall Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy
·adopt the principles of Walsall Council’s Anti-racist Guidelines
·adopt the principles of Walsall Council’s Multi-cultural Policy
New Invention Junior school is committed to the belief in the equal value and equal treatment of all people. Everything possible will be done to remove all unfair discrimination on such grounds as:
·age ·disability
·colour ·ethnic origin
·gender ·marital status
·family responsibility ·nationality
·race ·religion
All staff, governors, parents and pupils connected with New Invention Junior School, whatever their background, should feel secure in the knowledge that the establishment will not condone any form of unfair discrimination or prejudiced behaviour. The school further recognises that racism is one of many evils in our society which it is our duty to guard against. Any form of racial bias or intolerance, in either written or spoken word, by act or implication, is to be regarded as alien to the avowed school’s policy of cultivating tolerance and harmony in our society.
We aim to:
·promote good relationships between all residents in the community.
·encourage each individual to fulfil their maximum potential & attempt to foster care, respect & understanding for all languages, religions and cultures.
·operate an equal opportunities policy in the recruitment selection and promotion of staff.
·offer staff equal access to personal and professional development
·provide a safe and secure environment for all.
In the delivery of the curriculum staff are expected to:
·appreciate that each pupil arrives with a set of cultural norms, values & traditions. These should be recognised and valued. Simultaneously pupils should be encouraged to recognise, understand and value the differing sets of these norms that constitute our society.
·offer as wide a range of experiences and opportunities as possible to enable as many pupils as possible to experience success.
·enable pupils to experience competition in a non­-judgemental form and to develop a sense of fairness and sportsmanship.
In the delivery of the curriculum staff are also expected to:
·encourage respect for honesty, consideration for others and non-violent action or reaction.
·encourage pupils to recognise, develop, refine and express opinions of their own and to respect those of others.
·offer examples of appropriate behaviour in a variety of situations to provide a model of the necessary norms for successful integration into society.
·follow school policy & guide-lines on discipline & behaviour.
·promote good educational practice within the curriculum in relation to equal opportunities. Attention will be paid to content, teaching methods, attitudes and materials.
·ensure all pupils have access to all aspects of the curriculum. Pupils with “special educational needs” may be dis-applied from certain aspects of the National Curriculum beyond their physical capabilities by the statementing procedure of the 1981 Education Act but will be nevertheless encouraged to participate as fully as possible.
Standards of dress for pupils & staff
In establishing and reviewing codes of practice for staff and pupils the governors will consider:
·religious and cultural requirements
·modesty & practicality
It should be recognised that the school will not tolerate the wearing of offensive or propaganda badges, slogans or insignia.