At our school we are really lucky because our children, staff and our local community come from a range of backgrounds, races and religions. This means we always try to celebrate as many religious (and non-religious) festivals as we can.

We feel it is really important that children are able to share how they are celebrating at home and it means our children get the opportunity to learn about religious and non-religious celebrations from one another. 

Harvest festival 

For the last two years we chose to ask for donations for the Black Country Foodbank as we felt a huge number of people in our community had been impacted by the pandemic and cost of living. We were overwhelmed with donations and thanks to our children, parents and staff we were thrilled to announce we collected a huge 301kgs of food! This was enough for 600 meals and 35kg of toiletries which is enough for 35 toiletry parcels. An incredible amount to help our local community.

We also learnt about the importance of foodbanks and why some people need to use them, some of us learnt about the impact Marcus Rashford has had for this cause too. 


Pupils at New Invention Junior School enjoy celebrating the festival of Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu 'Festival of Lights' and is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs in Britain and all over the world. This festival falls on different days each year, usually celebrated in the  month of October or November. This year Mrs Blissett taught Year 5 some traditional dancing to tell the story of Diwali, other classes completed art work and learnt the story in other ways.   



We celebrate Christmas in school in lots of different ways. Usually, we go to our local church but the last few years we have had to do things a little differently. In the last few years we learnt about the Christmas Story and how Christmas is celebrated around the world. you can see some of our fantastic work on the display below. This year each class learnt a specific Christmas song. We completed some work on this and looked at how it fits into the Christmas Story. Each class made a bauble based on the song we learnt about, here they are on display. We had a special school assembly 

Chinese New Year 

Every year we celebrate Chinese New Year - last year was the Year Tiger, we had a tiger art competition and we were amazed at how many entries we received. In fact, we received so many entries Miss Cook had to get some more prizes! Here you can see some pictures from our competition and our celebrations. This year we are celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. We can't wait to see the competition entries this year! 



Every year we celebrate Easter in school, we all learn about the story of Easter and the importance of the festival to many Christians all over the world. Last year our work focused on the feelings and emotions felt by the different people in the story as the events unfolded. We also completed some work looking at the similarities and differences between the role of Jesus in the Easter story and Aslan in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis and compared what happens to them. Here are the fantastic pieces of work we completed across the school.