Welcome to our aspirations zone.

 We are pleased to announce that on 21st December 2017 New Invention Junior School were awarded the 'Quality in Careers Standard' by Prospects. We are one of the first few primary schools within the West Midlands to receive the award. On 14th February we were joined by Michelle Squire and Meena Sandha from Prospects and by Josephine Rivett from Pool Hayes Academy to present Mr Pearson and Mrs Oliver their certificates.

We aim to teach and prepare your child today, for their tomorrow!

Within school we aim to inspire pupils to achieve their best and to have high expectations of their future. We encourage pupils to consider:

  • What are they good at?
  • What things are important to them?
  • What do they hope to achieve?
  • What new skills have they developed?

Each pupil was asked to complete an aspiration leaf which included the above considerations, each leaf was used to create our beautiful aspiration display. These leaves will be used to identify role models who can work with our pupils to ensure that they are inspired and informed about the opportunities available outside of school.

Careers Week

 During Careers week our pupils investigated the world of work, they examined job adverts and job applications, they interviewed adults about their careers and they created aspiration boards about what they want to achieve in the next 20 years. We ended the week with a day where pupils had the opportunity to dress up in an outfit to reflect their future career aspirations. 

All of the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the week and it was magical seeing how ambitious, creative and enthusiastic our pupils are about their futures.

 Richard Aucock is a motoring journalist and he came in during careers week and spoke to pupils about how he turned his love of cars and writing into a successful career where he gets to travel the world, drive some of the most impressive cars and share his passion with others.

 Kerry Howell-Smith is a British Sign Language Interpreter, and she took the time to talk with pupils about how important her role is in breaking down barriers for people with hearing impairment. Kerry was able to teach pupils some aspects of British Sign Language which the pupils loved.

 Nathan Blissett is a professional football player and took time from his training schedule to come and talk to pupils about how he began to play football professionally. Nathan also talked to pupils about the importance of education for a footballer and what career he wants to move in to once he retires from football. Nathan really emphasised to pupils about thinking about the future and making sure you are always in a strong position physically, mentally, educationally and emotionally, as well as doing a job you love.

 Career Assembly Speakers

West Midlands Fire Service

 On Wednesday 6th February we had a visit from West Midlands Fire Service. Matt told us about about the main parts of his job which were:

  • Fire safety and Prevention training
  • Supporting Road Traffic Accidents (RTA's)
  • Fire Extinguishing

Matt also allowed some of us to try on his uniform and race against the clock to see who could get dressed the quickest. Even Mr Pearson had a go!


 On Wednesday 6th June we were pleased to host Chloe Jones, an ex New Invention Junior School pupil who is  now a professional football player and sports lecturer at Stoke College. Chloe has played for many well known teams such as Wolves, Aston Villa and Liverpool. Chloe talked to the school about how she reached her dreams of becoming a footballer and what she is working towards next. (This includes climbing Mount Everest in 2020) The pupils loved to hear the qualities and skills she needed to reach her dream. 

As well as talking to pupils, Chloe lead each class in a training session where they got to experience some of the activities she participates in during her training.


 On Wednesday 31st January we welcomed PC Lally and PC Ashley to the school to talk to us about what it is like working for West Midlands Police. PC Lally and PC Ashley talked about what equipment they use, what a typical day might be like and also what other roles there are with the police apart from being an officer. PC Lally and PC Ashley explained that a large part of their job is talking to people in the community as well as visiting schools, and community centres.  PC Lally said that some days she could be walking around the community for 4 hours without a break.

The pupils asked lots of interesting questions and some of the pupils commented afterwards

""I loved it and found it interesting because of how many calls they have to answer in a day." DB - year 6
"I would consider this job as a future career now because I think this job is very interesting and I would like to help people." ME - year 4
"I'd love to help people and keep them safe, I'd really like to be a police woman when I grow up." MC - year 5

Veterinary Nurses

On Wednesday 15th November Danni and Jade from Lockwood's Animal Hospital in Willenhall came to visit our school, they talked to us about their jobs as veterinary nurses and also bought in 2 special visitors to meet us. Woody, a King Charles spaniel and Kevin a turtle.

Danni and Jade told us about the favourite parts of their jobs and also what kind of things they got up to on a typical day. All of the pupils were very excited to meet Kevin and Woody but also asked Danni and Jade lots of really interesting, well thought out questions. 

Thank you Lockwood's Animal Hospital for our lovely visit!

 Choosing a secondary school

Your class teacher will guide you on the process of applying for a place at your preferred secondary school, we advise you to attend any open evenings so that you can see all of the facilities, meet the teachers and get an idea of the strengths of the school. School websites are a great place to start.

 Our Future Aspirations

If you would like more information on your future aspirations there are some helpful links below or come and have a chat to Mrs Oliver.

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